...Or We Really Knead the Dough

Written and Directed by Ben Tostado


THE GREAT PIE ROBBERY...Or We Really Knead the Dough is about a small town pie shop that is danger of being taken over by the evil Vincent Von Villenueva. Can our hero Chicken Farmer John save the day and win his love, Clementine? This hilarious spoof of turn-of-the-century melodrama is as American as...well, you know. 


The Great Pie Robbery opened on August 10, 2012 at the International Fringe Festival in New York City.



TRIP PLYMALE (Pa Baker), MISTI TINDIGLIA (Ma Baker), DOUG GOLDRING (Junior Baker), JENNIFER BISSELL (Clementine), SETH GRUGLE (Chicken Farmer John), MIKE QUIRK (Vincent Von Villenueva), MARILYN ORAN (Madame Fusilli), LORINNE LAMPERT (Anne Chovie), KATELYN LAURIA (Della Catessen), ALEXIS BRAXTON (Ginger Vitus), CINDI KOSTELLO (Sheriff Smithinwesson), ROBERT W. SMITH (Old Man Wilkins), PRESCOTT SEYMOUR (Mayor Maynot/MC), CHLOE PAE (Eunice), WILLIAM GOLDBERG (Billie Joe)



BEN TOSTADO (Playwright/Director), RACHEL KAUFMAN (Original Music), CARLY LEVIN (Production Stage Manager), KELLY MICHELLE PEREZ (Assistant Stage Manager), LISA RENEE JORDAN (Costumes), SAMANTHA SHOFFNER (Sets/Props), NEAL FREEMAN (Sound), SAM GORDON (Lights), BEN RAUCH (Pianist), BRENDA PRINZING (Producer), CHRISTIAN KOLARZ (Associate Producer), LIZ ULMER (Company Manager), MICHAEL VAN PRAAGH (Carpenter), EDUARD ORDONEZ (Lead Stagehand), LUKE ROSEN (Stagehand), SHANEICE STEVENSON (Wardrobe Assistant), CHRIS EATON (Graphic Designer)


All photos by Billy Bustamante.

You Can't Just Waltz

We Need Someone On The Inside

Villenueva City

Those Were My Dance Steps

The Last Time You Went A' Weepin'

Ode To a Songbird

No Evil Doers

Ode To a Songbird

Pie Eatin' Contest

Rough and Tumbler

Scintillating Saddlebacks


Mayor Maynot

Junior Finale

I'd Like To Thank All The Little People

I Wonder What This Means

I Must Have Thrown It Out

I Have a Plan


Final Bow

He's Just Plain Bad

Here They Are!

Howdy Ya'll

I Don't Know What To Say

Chicken Farmer John

Cakes and Fillings

And That By Far Is The Sweetest