Bryan Plofsky, Leigh Cesiro & Josh Freilich

What is Color War?

LC: It's a competition the last 5 days of camp. The whole camp is split into 2 teams and everything is worth points.
BP: Yeah, everything from writing letters home and sporting events to putting on a mini show and how loudly you can cheer. People take it very seriously because anything you do could lose your team points or put you in the lead.
LC: There's something for everyone. Kids who are good at sports events, kids who are funny get their moments, kids who have secret hidden artistic skills get to shine.
BP: And counselors get to lead the teams--they're called the generals. It's usually awarded to campers who have become counselors and have shown leadership skills.

Talk to us about how you both met.

BP: Well, we went to camp together. But didn't reconnect about writing until a few years after we both stopped going.
LC: We randomly ran into each other at a 'Something Corporate' concert in Ithaca, NY.
BP: I think the first thing we bonded over was Tracy Morgan's characters, Brian Fellow, and Astronaut Jones. We realized our senses of humor were basically the same. Can you say senses of humor? Plural?
LC: I think so. Something like that.

What about Color War makes for a good musical?

LC: Anyone who went to sleepaway camp can talk about it for hours. That's how we first started to get the idea, by just missing it.
BP: But, in our experience, even people who didn't get to experience it wants to hear about it and get in on that nostalgia. Especially Color War. It's what all camp kids always talk about and look forward to every year.
LC: It's the perfect scenario to convey what camp is in a nutshell. Growing up, first kisses, a real sense of working together, competition. Things like that. Since Color War is the last week of camp it has so many emotions connected to it, what better way to express them than with music?

Are there any characters in the show that are based off people you knew at camp?

BP: Yes. I think there are little pieces of ourselves in some or most of them too.
LC: Others are 100% homages to people we went to camp with. We remember the people so vividly because we love them so much.

How did Josh Freilich (Music & Lyrics) get attached to the project?

BP: We were looking for a composer and, funny enough, we met him through a camp friend. I emailed Josh and--
LC: Josh actually went to a camp right near us and was sold on the idea the second he heard it. His style of song writing fit perfectly with what we were looking for, so it was a match made in camp heaven.

What do you hope audience will take away from Color War?

LC: A feeling of nostalgia for people who went to camp.
BP: For people who didn't it's like an all-access pass to experience it for themselves first hand.
LC: We miss it so we wanted to bring it back in the most fun way we could. It's a part of us and we wanted to share that with everybody.
BP: We also hope they laugh a ton.